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Programs currently available:

Careers in Education *NEW (PM ONLY)

Have you ever considered a career in public education? Do you enjoy working with kids, and like helping or explaining things? You may immediately think of being a teacher, but there are so many more careers in education that offer decent pay, health benefits, and a great schedule. This course explores all of the aspects of educational careers, and includes internships so you will begin building your resume right away. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to earn your paraeducator certificate so that you can start working in the field immediately, and make a difference in others’ lives!

Construction Trades

The course is run as realistically as possible to resemble a construction company, introducing students to many different jobs in the industry. Students will learn about job safety, framing, roofing, siding, stairs, rafters, basic rigging, and many different projects using the tools of the trade such as a table saw, disc sander, skill saw, band saw, and many hand tools. This program is coordinated and sponsored in partnership with the NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) and CITC of Washington (Construction Industry Training Council). With successful completion of this program, students will receive a National Certificate of Completion of Core Curriculum.

Electronics Engineering Technology

What do surveillance cameras, engine controls, and the Mars Rover have in common? They all use electronics and require highly skilled engineers and technicians to build, program, repair, and maintain. Learn to build and troubleshoot using circuit drawings, prototyping boards and test equipment.

Learn to Program and build a movable robot with your hardware and software. Learn to solder and build your own telephone or binary clock. Cross-crediting in Math, English, and Science may be available along with more than 25 college credits. Field trips are offered each quarter to learn more about opportunities in this diverse career field. Pre-requisite(s): 1.0 Algebra 1

Fashion and Merchandising

The world of fashion is exciting, fast paced, and creative. This program surveys the fashion industry with emphasis in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and design. Did you ever wonder how the fashion industry works? How are designers inspired to create their clothing lines? What does it take to produce a fashion show?

You will gain practical knowledge creating displays, designing a line of clothing, producing a fashion show, studying the history of fashion and the textile industry.In a professional setting with like minded classmates, students create and market businesses and clothing lines, run and promote an embroidery and clothing business, plan and execute special events and fashion shows, as well as visit local industries to gain career focus. Learn first hand the skills needed to succeed in the business!

Precision Machining

Almost everything you own was made by machinists or with tools made by machinists. Precision machining students plan and make precision finished parts from raw material using lathes, mills, and CNC (computer numerical control) machines.

In this class you will have the opportunity to learn basic precision machining and CNC skills. Even more important, you will practice the kind of problem solving skills that enhance your performance in every area of life.

This is a nationally known and recognized class. In many years, the High School Washington State Precision Machining Gold Medalist is a student from this class. Sno-Isle TECH Precision Machining students have won National Bronze Precision Machining Medals in two different years, and we are working toward winning the National Gold this year!

This can be the beginning of a great career or a vital stepping-stone toward many college degree careers. For example, the best and highest-paid engineers have machining skills. Be a winner with good marketable skills!

NEW this year, a Youth Apprenticeship opportunity is being piloted. If hired, you could get paid to go to school, earn college credit, AND earn hours towards an adult apprenticeship! (*Youth Apprenticeship enrollment NOT required to participate in the Precision Machining program)

Translation and Interpretation (Medical, Educational and Legal) *NEW

Are you a bilingual student with an interest in helping others? Do you ever help translate for friends, relatives, or community members? Have you ever considered earning a living by translating and interpreting in a Medical, Educational, or Legal setting? In this safe and supportive environment you will learn how to accurately and professionally transfer communication from one language to another in written and verbal form. You will also develop your own professional portfolio and practice your skills through job shadows and internships. Finally, you will prepare for the Washington Certification Exam and have the opportunity to walk out the door ready to be paid for your hard work! Pre-requisite: Bilingual and Biliterate in English and another language [a minimum of 2.0 credits in English and 2.0 credits in World Language (or equivalent)]

Video Game Design

Students learn to design and create video games using trigonometry and higher math, computer programming in C++, as well as 2D computer animation. This course prepares students for skills necessary for two of the video game industry\'s biggest needs: qualified video game designers and programmers.
Strong programming skills are not needed. Such skills will be developed and refined as you progress throughout the program. This is a math intensive program. Pre-requisite(s): 1.0 credit Algebra 1