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Thank you for your interest in Sno Isle TECH Skills Center's Summer School Program! You can apply for a summer program by clicking "Start New Application" at the bottom of the screen starting April 16th at 4pm!


Summer School this year for our Sno-Isle and Snohomish SD campuses will be running from June 25 to July 13, 7:30am to 2:30pm. There will be no school on July 4th. "Sno-Isle" classes will be held on the main Sno-Isle campus. "Snohomish SD" classes will be held at Snohomish High in Snohomish.


Students have access to free lunch services. Other sites may require (information pending, this page will be updated when details are finalized) that students provide their own lunch. No transportation services are being provided.


All courses are worth .5 credit (elective or CTE, and some programs may be eligible for Fine Arts) and are designed to give students a chance to explore one of two dozen different career opportunities.

Enrollment opens SOON! - please make sure that you register for summer school and not the 2018-2019 School Year or your application will not be processed correctly. Enrollment will be on a first-come, first served basis. If you have trouble during the online enrollment please send an email to for assistance.

Applications will be timestamped based on when you click "Create Application" on this page - NOT when the application is completely submitted. This is to encourage people to take time to fill out the application completely and avoid network bottlenecks. Once you have an application started, you can see the timestamp assigned on the application page - Take your time!

Programs fill quickly, so don't delay!

The following courses will be available during summer school:

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to 2D/3D Animation (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Students will learn the basic concepts of drawing and design for 2D and 3D applications. Skills and understanding and visualizing the creation of objects and characters in 2D on paper and model them in 3D software design programs will take place. At the end of the course students may visit a design program at a local college. Students might have the opportunity to print their models using a 3D printer. This class will be held at Sno-Isle.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Aerospace (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Explore the world of aerospace manufacturing through hands-on projects including blueprint reading, measuring, and hand tools such as drills and riveting. All students must pass safety exam before engaging in shop projects.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Auto Body (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

During the summer class you will be able to learn first hand about the world of Auto Body and Collision repair. You will enjoy being able to understand about vehicle construction, minor body repair, sanding, painting components and techniques, and other technical skills. You will be able to practice what you have learned which will be so much fun!

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Automotive Technology (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Shop safety, procedures, and basic automotive fundamentals will be covered in this 3 week session. There will be activities in the shop that support the classroom sessions. Students will have an opportunity to disassemble an engine and transaxle and learn about the internal parts. Students will also have the opportunity to properly detail the interior and exterior of a vehicle. This short session covers only the fundamentals and students should not expect to be employable at the conclusion of summer school.


Students will learn hand and power tool safety, then build various small wood projects. Students will also explore careers in the Trades, meet various guest speakers, and maybe embark on a field trip to industry.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Cosmetology (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Students will learn the basics of this exciting field, including safety, styling, heat styling, manicures and pedicures, and help with the Annual Summer Sno-Isle Fashion Show!

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Culinary Arts (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Learn what makes good food great and what makes great food outstanding. This program lets you see what it is like working in a professional kitchen - our own! This is a fast paced, hands-on class with emphasis on Classical Culinary Techniques, under the direction of a professional chef. Discover the fun of making wonderful food and learning valuable, marketable skills!

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Fashion Merchandising (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

We cover the basics, from the color wheel to styles and shapes, working up to producing a fashion show by the end of the session. Also, explore the many career options available in the fashion industry, as well as learning which career may be a great fit for you!

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Fire Service (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Experience the exciting world of fire-fighters and emergency responders. Learn about fire suppression, inspection, investigation, alarm systems, dispatching, and emergency medical services. Maybe even earn your First Aid / CPR card! The summer program will include some conditioning and physical exercise, so be ready to use those muscles!!

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Healthcare Careers (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Healthcare Careers will explore different job opportunities in the Medical field through guest speakers, hands on projects and field trips. We will also study body systems, healthy choices, terminology and bloodborne pathogens.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Precision Machining (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Almost everything you own has been manufactured. Everything that has been manufactured was either made by a machinist or by the tools a machinist made. In this class, you will learn how to safely use precision metal-cutting machines to make \"cool\" pieces out of metal. Metal projects in past summers have included tops, meat tenderizers, medallions, plaques, tools, mechanical assemblies, etc. Besides learning how to estimate the sizes of common things you see every day,you will be introduced to various measuring tools, and will learn how to measure mechanical parts to the nearest 1/1,000 inch.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Robotics with Arduino (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Do you love working with household electronics? Are you a robotics fan? Then you will love this summer school robotics course! Learn about electrical flow, and some basic programming of robots using arduinos.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Veterinary Assisting (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Come explore the world of animal health through the Intro to Veterinary Assisting summer program! Students will begin to learn basic anatomy & physiology of domestic breeds, medical terminology, and explore the many career options available working with animals.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Video Game Design (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Students learn to design and create video games. This course prepares students with the skills necessary for two of the video game industry\'s biggest needs: qualified video game designers and programmers. Unlike the full year program, the summer program is not math intensive.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Welding and Fabrication (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Do you want to learn how to weld? Come learn in this introductory course. All students will complete shop safety and pass a safety exam before working in the shop setting. Some projects may extend to other fabrication areas.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Intro to Police Academy (@Sno-Isle) - CLOSED!!!

Are you thinking about a career in law enforcement? Are you curious about the legal system, and how it works? Learn more about one of the oldest professions in this summer academy! The summer program will include some conditioning and physical exercise, so be ready to use those muscles!!

Special Assistance:

Sno-Isle TECH needs to be advised in advance of the start of summer school regarding students requiring special assistance such as one-to-one support, IEP accommodation, 504 accommodation, etc. If a student requires specific accommodation during the regular school year, the same accommodation is required during Sno-Isle TECH summer school, which requires Extended School Year approval and support from the student's resident District. Sno-Isle TECH will coordinate accommodation needs with the student's sending district. For more information, please contact Maggie Bagwell, Director, Sno-Isle TECH at 425-348-2220.

We look forward to seeing you all for summer school!
If you have any questions regarding Sno Isle TECH please contact us!


When applications are open, a "Start New Application" button will appear at this location and allow you to apply.