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Criminal Justice

Students will have extensive exposure to the career opportunities within Law Enforcement. The class has numerous guest speakers, field trips and a lethal force decision making simulator. Students receive professional training in handcuffing, weaponless defense scenarios, first aid and CPR. Students accepted to this program must have personal integrity. Subject matter can be very intense, dealing with the complexity of morals, ethics, civil liberties, civil rights, cultural diversities, case law and current events. Disqualifiers for law enforcement employment include: history of continual illegal drug use, felony or domestic violence convictions.

Michael Coleburn

Michael Coleburn,

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Let me take a moment to introduce myself and the fascinating and unpredictable world of Law enforcement to you. My name is Michael Coleburn and I served as a Deputy Sheriff with LA County and then later transferred to Riverside CA. Police and served until retirement. One of the reasons I was asked to teach this class in 1996 by the Sheriff of Island County was my extensive background as a Law Enforcement Trainer and my Educational Degrees.

My last assignment before retirement, I was assigned to Personal and Training, assigned to the Riverside Community College, stationed at the Riverside Sheriff’s Academy to develop and implement all the Reserve and Advanced officer training for the State of California. My class is academically and physically challenging. It is designed to develop and stretch you person and instill qualities that are desirable for the law enforcement candidate. Along with your High School credits you can receive 10 transferable college credits for the year. I give my best effort, I expect yours. Hope to see you in the class
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