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Math Support

1.0 math credit may be earned for the year while
attending a program at Sno-Isle. The course is called Mathematics, Applications, and Concepts. This course is a math credit, not cross-credit.

The mathematics taught at Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center has been designed for the student who needs an additional mathematics credit towards graduation but cannot take math at the sending school and attend Sno-Isle.  It is designed primarily for seniors.


Nichole Couffer

Fran Falkenberry,

Direct: 425.348.2242
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Gain an Extra Math Credit!

Fran Falkenberry is the Mathematics Support teacher at Sno-Isle TECH. Not only does Fran teach a math for credit course, she is also available to work with the instructors and students on the mathematics in the different programs and to tutor individual students on their sending school math work. The great thing about taking math at Sno-Isle is the amount of individual help a student receives. Fran teaches a smaller group of students at one time than is normally the case in a sending-high-school classroom and she make appointments with students to help them one-on-one.

Fran is a certificated mathematics teacher. She has been teaching mathematics in Washington since 2007 and had 33.6 years experience teaching mathematics in Tampa, Florida. In Tampa, Fran taught math courses ranging from Algebra I through AP Calculus BC with the most experience in Geometry and Algebra II. Fran was also a department head for her last 14 years teaching in Tampa and taught Algebra II on-line for about 6 summers. Fran not only teaches math but enjoys working with math & helping others understand the connections needed to complete each situation.

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