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Medical Assisting

Do you want a medical career with endless opportunities? This course is a starting point to jumpstart a career in the
medical field. Learn the language of doctors, nurses, and health care professionals.

Learn to take blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration, height, weight; perform vision screening, surgical scrub, CPR, First-Aid, medical instruments and office skills. 4th quarter internship possible within a health care setting. Earn up to 20 college credits.

Debi Freal, CMA, COA,

Direct: 425.348.2231
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Join Our Medical Team!

This program is a stepping stone into medical careers. Are you motivated to learn the foundation to all medical careers? This course involves a rigorous curriculum of medical terminology, an administrative focus, and basic clinical skills. In order for you to be successful in this program, we recommend successful completion of a high school health class, and basic keyboarding.

We also suggest English proficiency, and encourage a strong high-school reading level. Additionally, classes related to science, and foreign languages are helpful. Medical terminology is Greek/Latin based. Any language experience will help you with study methods for terminology.

Sheri Phillips, CMA-C,

Direct: 425.348.2232
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