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Welding & Metal Fabrication

This industry based shop environment is designed for the student who would like to receive a general metal working background as a foundation for continuing education or a trade-vocational career. Welding, fabrication and safety are taught with a blend of lecture, assignments and hands-on competencies that maintain the student's interest and foster a deeper appreciation of the trade.

Bob Throndsen,

Direct: 425.348.2235
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My name is Bob Throndsen and I am the instructor of the Welding & Metal Fabrication program here at Sno-Isle TECH. This one/two year program can “SPARK” an interest in the trade of welding and metal fabrication. Students work in a classroom and shop environment developing skills in many types of welding: stick, wire feed, heli-arc, flux core, etc plus oxy fuel cutting and basic fabrication.

You will learn how to take pride in your work as you are signing your name with every weld. The welding team keys to success consists of a good attitude, a desire to work hard and being able to focus on the jobs at hand; skills every employer values.

Please stop in at an open house or come take a tour of our welding/metal fabrication shop!

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In many of the programs offered at Sno-Isle Tech students have an opportunity to earn college credit at the same time they are earning high school credit. The total registration cost per Sno-Isle Tech program is usually $30 or less (and in many cases is FREE!). Students must complete their Sno-Isle Tech program with a "B" grade or better. It is the student's responsibility to register online or complete a registration packet. Ask your Sno-Isle Tech instructor for details about "Tech Prep".

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